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Anna Leyland

Anna Leyland is a contemporary New Zealand artist (full-time since 2012). She has successfully exhibited in over 30 exhibitions since 2001. After being an oil portrait Artist for 15 years, 2012 saw a complete change in style.

​Influenced by her Graphic Design background, utilising pattern making and symbolism her works invoke conversations relating to the celebration of diversity and multiculturalism within Aotearoa – a hallmark of New Zealand’s social ethos.

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Adrienne Linney

Adrienne is an artist from Wellington who makes high quality, organic, jewellery inspired by patterns, textures and colours from the sea.  She lives on the coast in Wellington and, like many who live in the Pacific, is passionate about the sea.  Her jewellery is individually handcrafted and cast to celebrate the natural beauty of found objects and the sensual qualities of the ocean.  Her range of jewellery comprises many unique, one-of-a-kind, pieces, embellished with gold, enamel, patina’s and dyes to enhance their textures.  Jewellery that tells a story.

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Kristin Hyde

Originally from Wellington, Kristin Hyde has called Auckland, in particular The Bombay Hills, home for the past thirty five years. An avid creator, Kristin has a passion for colour and texture. She says “colour energizes me - it feeds my soul”. Her other interests include silversmithing and felting / eco printing.
Mainly self-taught, Kristin describes herself as an intuitive and emerging mixed media artist.

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Dianne Taylor

Diane's work has been successfully exhibited all over NZ, including NZ Academy Of Fine Arts at Queen's Wharf, Wgtn. In 2019 she became an Elected Artist Member of the Academy.
Diane's work has been sold worldwide - New York, Russia, Argentina, France, Netherlands, London and Australia. 

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Helmut Hirler

Before coming to Aotearoa, Helmut spent 30 years as a photography tutor in Germany, having completed his Masters degree. Helmut has traveled the world searching for the special moments and spaces which he captures so beautifully.  

Helmut and his partner Sally successfully started and grew Artmosphere Gallery till recently moving to the Wairarapa.

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Mandy Emerson

Mandy lives in the Wairarapa, by the beach which she draws daily inspiration from. Her work shows her love of colour and nature. One of Mandy's talents is growing cut flowers in her garden which she paints into her stunning rich and textured work.

Mandy is self taught, and creates stunning bright and feminine paintings. She has worked in the Fashion Industry in both NZ and Australia which is where she soaked up colour combinations textures and a love of fabrics.

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Colin is a self taught impressionist artist who lives in Feilding, and well established in the Manawatu.  Colin's passion for painting portraits is evident in his work. Colin has been a finalist in the Adam Portraiture Award on a couple of occasions, and expected to be again in 2022.  A large number of Colin's work can be found on the 'wall of fame' at Moxies Café George St., Palmerston North. Colin is available for commission portrait paintings.

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Colin Hoare

Nicholas Hayter

Nicholas is a full time, self taught artist from Hawke's Bay. Having an artistic family and
surrounded by paintings growing up, it was a natural progression to paint and draw.
Living in New Zealand, there is no lack of inspiration and the beautiful landscape is ideal
inspiration for the broad impressionist style that Nicholas enjoys to paint. His works come
to life with rich application of oil to canvas. 

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Sally Maguire

Sally has recently relocated to an idyllic rural property just out of Masterton with her Partner Helmut Hirler. Sally had always painted for fun but about 20 years ago decided to dedicate herself to it full time. “At first I thought, ‘Oh god, what do I think I am doing?’ But when I sold my first painting for $50 I was beside myself with excitement.” “For me, painting is like meditating. I can’t sit still for a minute but having a paintbrush in my hand calms my mind. At the moment my favourite subject is clouds or scarecrows but hang on… actually, my biggest passion is portraits and while they don’t sell so well, if I could just paint portraits of children that’s what I’d do.”

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Helen Keen

Helen is a self-taught artist who has been creating for over 35 years.
She is an artist and designer who has combined her passion for creating with exploring processes, colour and texture; she is currently working in encaustic wax, mixed media, acrylic and oil.
Her 10 years potting was about experiencing and hands on learning & teaching.
“It has always been about teaching myself... being the teacher and the learner.”
“More often than not – I am creating something... no matter what material I have at hand to create with... creating is a daily ritual.”
“I feel the desire to explore and uncover the mysteries of art – through abstraction, colour,
gestures with the brush, textures, , mark making and incising as well as embedding objects.”

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Tom Somerville

Tom's passion is pottery inspired by nature. He lives and works in Helensville, Auckland and his brand is Muddy Fingers. 
His 2 influences his work tends to be inspired by are foliage and flowers, corals and fish.

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Saskia Hendrikse

"Our daily decisions have a big impact on the future of our planet, and I strive to be creative as I try to do life – ethically and sustainably.  I am a coffee lover and am therefore focussing on making reusable travel cups – you can have your coffee in a quality vessel while doing your part in limiting single-use culture and plastic waste across the globe."

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Karen Sinclair

Self-taught artist Karen Sinclair started painting 9 years ago and works from her home studio in Feilding.

She describes her art as eclectic and takes inspiration from the scenery and colours of New Zealand. Whilst not focussing entirely on one genre of art her objective is to always arouse intense feelings of nostalgia and connect the viewer to a place or thing that is important to them. By painting an emotive piece allows her to be a part of their journey.

Karen loves exploring many styles, techniques and mediums but realism seems to be her thing. 

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Vonnie Sterrit

Vonnie is originally from Central Otago, has Fine Arts qualifications from Canterbury and Massey Universities, and Manawatu is her much loved home. She is both nationally and internationally exhibited. Vonnie is unashamedly parochial, colour confident and vibrant in style, and her preference is iconic Manawatu and Districts. She has a unique understanding and sensitivity for the region.

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Michele Theobald

Coming from a very creative family Michele has always had a passion for art.  Her florist background has greatly influenced composition and form while also nurturing her fascination of nature and the colours and textures of our environment.   

The diversity of her subject matter alongside the expressive and colourful approach Michele applies to all aspects of her life keeps her thinking creatively.

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Marcus Ingley

Marcus's background is more rooted in engineering, and through this a strong connection to geometry and mathematics. Geometric patterns and clean forms are a regular feature of my glass. 


Marcus fell in love with glass in the hot shop making a paperweight at the Chronicle Glass Studio. From that first experience of hot glass he continued to learn under the guidance of the many professionals that willingly shared their knowledge. 

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Renata Curtis

Renata Curtis is a  gifted self-taught Māori artist from Rotoiti. Ren specialises in art with a contemporary flair whilst incorporating Māori inspired themes and narratives that speak to the heart of many of the whanau's core values and sought after attributes.

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Samwell Warren

Samwell is a New Zealand based artist specialising in recreating landscapes using native and recycled timbers with resin. In late 2021, he left his job as a Water Resources Scientist in order to pursue ‘tinkering’ with artwork full time, after dabbling as a hobby artist since 2017.

Samwell currently creates his pieces from his Studio in Greymouth, utilising local materials at hand. His pieces are inspired by the dynamic and unique environments across the country, ranging from volcanic plateaus of the Central North Island to the coastal bays reminiscent of Abel Tasman; he encapsulates the uniqueness of these places in timber to last a lifetime.

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Brent Leighton

Brent lives on the West Coast of the South Island. Brent is an accomplished self-taught photographer specializing in capturing magical moments in the NZ bush.

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Sofia Minson

Inspired by her Ngāti Porou Māori, Swedish, English and Irish heritage, Sofia paints striking and sacred art

For Sofia, making art is about connecting our modern human experience with the cosmic wisdom of our ancestors. 

With each brushstroke, Sofia explores powerful themes that are both deeply personal and profoundly universal; of Māori mythology, Mana Wāhine (Divine Feminine), and the mana (integrity) of generations past.

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David Spall

Dave is a furniture maker, carver, and all around woodworker. His work is finely crafted from his incredible shed here in Bulls. 
Dave often is popping in to top with rifle pens made from reclaimed native timber. These are very popular and never last long!

The toys and models he makes from recycled timber fascinate young and old.

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Simon Taylor

Simon is a third generation Stone Mason, with his daughter now learning the craft. Simon and his family moved to Whanganui from Christchurch, and due to a back injury turned his hand to sculptural carving. 

His choice of medium is Hinuera and Oamaru Stone.

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Liz McAuliffe

Liz's constant inspiration is in nature with form, surface and shadow are an integral part of her artworks.

​She have participated in group and solo exhibitions, and in international collections. 

Liz completed a 10 week artist residency in Denmark.

"My work celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of flora and fauna, in particular that of New Zealand." 

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Melissa Sharplin

Creating works with their own stories and personalities - each has it's own history - breathes a happiness in me i'm addicted to. It feels total, full and genuine. 

I am only a communicator, it's not about me - handing over the visual conclusion from billions of thoughts,  I am just a tool in their creation,  I create and then set them free into the world. I admire the sense of power they hold in themselves - no insecurity in what they are; they are present, real and free.

I am incredibly grateful for the inspiring and diverse buyers who have invested in my work and continue to support my career as an artist. Whether it is purchasing a singular greeting card or commissioning a painting, it has an impact which I have true gratitude for.

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