Our Story

Pokapū Gallery is a journey and love affair Andrea has always had with Art and beautiful things. A self proclaimed "Magpie" - shiny, pretty things have always been an attraction. The passion for beautiful things is often lead down the path of things that might not always be "beautiful" but in their message and meaning the beauty of being human is made tangible and real. 

Pokapū in Māori translates to Central, direct route, nucleus and Bulls Eye. The chosen name for the Gallery was carefully chosen with much guidance and Blessing from Elders, and our embracing Marae Parewahawaha. Much thanks to those who hand held and have been part of this magical journey. 

My hope and wish is that you too may find pieces that inspire and delight you, bring joy to you and your home and maybe provide a platform for conversation. 

I look forward to welcoming you to the Gallery, 

Andrea x

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